WINTER 2020/21
There we are! We have brought one of the worst years for the entertainment industry behind us.
#CURFEW hasn’t been very active playing #LIVE in the past few years and we wanted to change that in 2020. However we only managed to the one gig in February-20 and after that - we all know what happened :-(
For 2021 we are not planning anything - BUT you will be pleased to hear that a brand new EP with four fantastic new songs has been recorded at the end of 2020 and we are planning a release at the end of March 2021(to celebrate the first anniversary of the global #lockdown). This EP features Milena Lainovic ( and the songs reflect on the emotional rollercoaster that was the year 2020.
Can’t wait for you to hear the new material - until then.


New interview with Zap-Bang-Magazine about the new album #curfew2020 online now. Click HERE to read :-)

Please keep an eye out on our social media sites and on youtube for updates and new videos for the tracks on the new album #curfew2020


2020 - has now officially been cancelled due to #Covid19 the virus that's disrupting the WORLD!!     HOPE everyone is well!
We are using the time under #CURFEW2020 to finalise our new album, which will include some very chilled ambient tracks, mostly instrumental.

Release date: May-2020 - to make your #CURFEW a little nicer.



First concert of the year on SAT 15. Feb. 2020 as part of the "Kiev Unbroken" directors cut film screening at "Pepys Communitiy Library" / London SE8 3BA - on stage 5.30pm !


And as things go in the music industry sometimes, Sönke is currently playing keyboards with Angel Mawlabaux and will be appearing on the BBC on Thursday 25 July and at "Chilled in a field" festival Saturday 27 July.

Furthermore Sönke is working with Ukranian singer Nazgulya Shukaeva and is set to appear at her concert on August 25th as a special guest...
CLICK HERE for the Facebook Event page, otherwise:
Sunday 25 August 19 / 23;00Hrs
Kyiv Bouquet Stage, вулиця Володимирська, 24, Kyiv, Ukraine,

This should eventually lead to a collaborative CD with Nazgulya Shukaeva and CURFEW ;-)
SAT 31 August 2019, live ambient gig in Hamburg / Germany:
.... Athmospheric Electronic Sounds will bring music to the water of the river Elbe combined with a Light and Laser show.



While Sönke is still heavily involved producing an album for a "fake" 1980's pop band as part of a sountrack for a feature film, he's made some plans and conteacted musicians to work on some new material over the summer.
More soon.


Happy 2019 everyone. Wishing you 365 days of happiness and sunshine.
A few exiting things in the CURFEW pipeline for 2019.
Keep checking back for updates or visit our social media channels!!


Exiting news.
New studio premises just by the river Thames to be open soon, which will result in new music available for your ears shortly after ;-)

Busy times in the studio with loads of film music to compose, however there are quite a few new tracks for a new CURFEW chill-out CD, which will be released later this year or early 2019.

Welcome to 2018, hope you've found the new year in good spirits.
We have been working on new material, this time mainly instrumental chill out, but are also returning to the LIVE scene with a few festival appearances this summer - details to follow.
N-JOY :-)

Wow - the summer felt looooooong and suddenly we're in October and the days are noticeable getting shorter and shorter. Not long now and all the Xmas stuff comes out again. Ah well... MUSICALLY after signing with Villa-Flux and the release of the Omicron EP the label has stopped trading and we are now looking for a new label to release the new music we are writing.
On the other hand Sönke has been writing music for a feature documentary about Kiev/Ukraine and currently working on a feature film soundtrack...
AND also his moniker S.P.eed has just released his latest Techno EP (2017), click the link for a sneak preview and downloads.

JUNE 2017
Just a quick update to say that our CARMICA MAN CD is on sale at the moment, get it for less than a cup of coffee here:
And - of course - do visit Beatport to download our new CD "Omicron" just click HERE
And have a great summer :-)

HAPPY to announce our new EP release on Villa Flux Records this Spring. OMICRON will be available for exclusive downloads. Release date: 29 April 2017 download links coming soon. Actually DOWNLOAD by clicking HERE
And here's the BEATPORT link to buy the EP: OMICRON - n-Joy!!

Autumn 2 0 1 6
Finally - we've moved into the new studio in SE-London and after an almost two year break from producing and writing music we're back in the "driving seat". However the past two years didn't go to waste: Sönke has written a book, Roger took the time to buy a new bigger flat with Garden and Sue abandoned us and moved to Denmark :-) haha...
with Sue in Denmark these days expect CURFEW to sound differently in the future ;-)
A sneak preview of a new track we've started in the new studio: So far it's called 2nd and HERE it is, just click!
Sönke is planning a series of Piano concerts this autumn, however they will be mostly private house concerts (feel free to use the CONTACT section of this website to book him)
CURFEW are participating and playing some nightclubs and parties in KIEV / Ukraine in early October - we're very exited about going there.

Summer 2 0 1 6
We were meant to be in the new studio rooms by now, but as usual with builders (and things generally not in our favour), the work is behind and we don't know when the new studio will be finished :-(
... therefore... all concerts that were planned for Autumn 2016 have been put on hold for the time being
HOWEVER - wishing you a gr8 summer and hopefully the weather where you are will be much better than it is here in London/UK. We wish for ourselves that summer will come to England eventually.... but are not very optimistic about it.
And here's a new track for your to download: AFTERMATH N-joy :-)

Spring 2 0 1 6
Happy Easter - egg hunting :-)
New track NIHILISM uploaded to Bandcamp Check it out HERE A fantastic mix of DRUM & BASS with Electro and Ambient Vocals & Sounds. Words by our former Vocalist K*.
Expect brand new music from June 2016

January 2 0 1 6

HAPPY 2016 !
This year we will finally return to producing music and opening a studio - so keep checking for updates ;-)

November 2 0 1 5
The Piano concert was a big success and there are plans for another in Mid-2016
Our track BEYOND THE BLUE is featured on TALENTCAST this week (6-13.11.15). This is one of our personal favorites and we'd be glad if you could give us a CLICK and vote for the song and of course listen to the show - some gr8 talent to hear here!
September/October 2 0 1 5
Currently negotiating with a record company to have HEY GIRL included in a Christmas compilation album - that would be good, however I still think the song is more of a summer song, but...
Not many news otherwise. Studio rooms may have been found, however nothing 100% yet ;-) fingers x'ed.

July / August 2 0 1 5
So there we have it: The new studio has closed before it was officially opened (too many issues to go into here). The only music that was ever produced in the O2R-Studio was a 2minute live-jam captured on camera and you can watch & listen on our YOUTUBE channel. Sounds a bit like Pink Floyd to me :-)
Because of the above-the search for new facilities (rooms) to rent continues. Ideally situated in SE London!
HAPPY summer holidays !

May / June 2 0 1 5
All the time is spend setting up and working for O2R-Music at the moment. Once the studio is ready there will be new music.
Some interesting projects and collaborations are in the pipeline.

March 2 0 1 5
Wow suddenly it's March :-) we are planning the new studio, which should open this May - there will be no new music and music-news until the studio is up and running - BUT once it is...
... We'll be back :-)

JANUARY 2 0 1 5
HAPPY New Year to you
As 2014 was a bit quiet and our output a bit sparse we are planning to rent brand new studio facilities early this year and start working on new music once more. This May it will be three years since the release of our last album OUTSIDE and although we have written songs for feature Films and various compilation albums it's time again to produce some new tunes - stay TUNED ;-)

December 2014

So - FINALLY our website is back up 'n' running
Check releases page for the new CHARITY ALBUM release
More news soon.
N-Joy Christmas !!

September 2014
Well, well - AUGUST 2014 wanted to be like October 2012... wet and cold (here in London). Not nice!
We are without studio at the moment but are looking for a new location in the SE London area, to bring you some new music...
Stay tuned!

July & August 2014

Our 80-day series on Facebook and Twitter is now over - can't believe 80 days went by so quickly. Anyway I guess it's time to create some new music and increase the track-count on Bandcamp :-)
Otherwise we hope you are enjoying the football world cup. Our team (USA) did quite well and have shown promising performances - not long now and success will come! Meanwhile Germany have earned their fourth STAR, well done!
Heatwave in London/UK this July. If you're lucky you'll see us at the Southbank Centre (festival) and receive one of our free OUTSIDE CDs :-)
Will move to new studio premises during August and hope to have the new place up and running by early September. We have an exiting new project planned. MORE SOON.
N-joy the sunshine

June 2014
Our 80-day series on Facebook and Twitter is well under way and we've reached the half-way stage, click the links and subscribe to get a daily song ;-)

May 2014
Uhhhps - looks like we've missed April... (due to international travel)
Have you seen our 80 days around the CURFEW catalogue... on Facebook? It's a daily link to one of our songs on BandCamp - free to listen!
If you've been watching TRUST ME I'M A DOCTOR on BBC2 TV in the UK you will have heard our song Dear Sleep being used at lot in the program - I can only assume they've used it on people with sleeping disorders, LOL
If you like your HipHop please check out the COAST2COAST mixtape hosted by Pharaoe Monch - we contributed THE HUNGER which is track 47 on the tape

March 2014
• 2013 was quite a productive year for CURFEW, however most of the music composed in that year will not be commercially available (you might hear it in a movie or on TV though).
• BUT a few songs made it through and they are now available to download from the BANDCAMP page (free or "name your own price")
• the GRAVITY piece (inspired by the movie and of course by all the analogue synthesisers in the studio) is now on YOUTUBE and we hope it will stay there :-)

Please check out PATTIES RADIO. We'll be featured on the station this month.
It's hard to write new songs at the moment. All I come up with are more and more sounds from the OLD synthesizers... So you'll have to wait a little longer for some new "proper" material. In the meantime, here's a little video with sounds from studio!

sorry for bad'ish sound quality

Firstly HAPPY 2014 to ya all.
We hope this year will be exactly as you want it to be and that you achieve whatever it is you are setting out to do!
We have introduced a new pricing policy for all our music on BANDCAMP.
From now on all Albums will cost £5 to download and £10 if you want to order the physical CD (including the amazing artwork, song lyrics, song-infos and links to free downloads).
All Singles and EPs are now £3 to download and £5 for the physical CD.
CD prices are excl. postage but incl. the packaging.
So here’s the link > < and we hope you will download our music or even order a CD, thank you.
AND because it was new for x-mas here’s a little video link to a little tune, that Sönke has made with his new/old MOOG Prodigy

December 2013
• Right, after a very busy November 2013 here are some CURFEW news again
• The BILLIONAIRE LOUNGE CD which was released at the end of November contains 4 of our songs, we’re happy about that. You can buy the CD HERE
• Another new synth (an old one actually) has entered the studio. It’s the MOOG Prodigy, and it was instantly used to make this tune
• AND if you are still looking for THAT Christmas present, read on:
You can now send any album or track on Bandcamp as a gift. Just click “Send as Gift” (below the Buy Now link), enter the recipient’s email address, add an optional personal message, and then check out as always. Your friend will get an email containing a link to the high-quality download, as well as instant, unlimited mobile access to the music via the free Bandcamp app.

Finally a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and an awesome 2014 to ya all!

October 2013
• Thanks for voting us No.1 on the Talent-Cast radio show last month! We quite enjoyed that :-)
• This month will mainly be spend sorting out quite a few songs/tracks for the publishing industry in Hollywood - it's a lot of work, but it's fun to do
• AND once that's done we shall start working on a few new CURFEW songs, yipeeeee.
September 2013
Uffff - glad to have the website online again, after the server got hacked!!
Check out the IBIZA DEL MAR Vol. 1 CD, it contains the CURFEW remix for Isgaard's song Playing God and one of our CmI songs (Miss Fate) !!
And we have previously spoken about all the new electro-tracks we've made for a new album - AH WELL all those have been snapped up by a Hollywood Publisher, which means they won't appear on a new CURFEW album, but you might hear them in a movie or TV show.
But - of course there will be new music for CURFEW and a new album, we don't know when yet, but it will come :-) !
Please give us your vote (for the song Dangerous Game) on Talent-Cast
Thank you :-)

August 2013
Just spent some time looking at and editing a very old CURFEW website. Go and have a look at some ancient photos and other stuff here:
More tunes for a new, but very different album on the way - however most of August will be spent holiday'ing
See ya in September - N-joy the summer!
July 2013
• Yeah - we only had one day of rain at the Glastonbury festival 2013. Thank you to all those who came and made if a very fun event.
• New tracks for the next album keep coming. At some point they all need to be properly mixed and arranged. Think this 'point' will be very soon.
• Meanwhile enjoy the summer (if you read this in Europe), because it might not last forever :-)
• BTW for a more regular and up-to-date newsfeed keep checking

May / June 2013
• Yeah, good news. The weather in the UK has improved a little - May was the coldest I can remember and I thought finally our 2011 song SNOWFLAKES IN JUNE will become reality this year. Who knows we're only at the beginning of June and the way weather behaves recently anything can happen. Lets hope not...

• BECAUSE we're off to Glastonbury Festival in the UK again at the end of the month and we don't want rain or snow - sunshine please !

• Other festivals booked for the summer, too (check the GIGS page)

• The new pride in the studio is the "Sequential Circuits - SIXTRAK" analogue synthesiser (built in 1984). This thing inspired us to make a new album which will be quite different from the previous three - we are working on an 'analogue'-synth album in the style of Tangerine Dream etc… Quite exiting and the music just keeps coming. It will be a question of selecting the best tracks - or simply put them all on a double-CD album. Ideally we'd like to put it out in Vinyl, but then….

February - March - April 2013
Wow wow wow, the London winter seems to become longer and longer. It's almost Easter and it's still freezing. That's the reason for not updating the NEWS pages here - it's called Winter Hibernation and the second reason is the S. A. D. illness. It really is time for summer - hopefully soon.
On a more upbeat note, all CURFEW albums will soon be available through BANDCAMP.The albums: CURFEW / INSIDE & OUTSIDE are there already, but all other EPs and Singles will follow over the next few weeks!
Of course if you use SPOTIFY you will find the CURFEW catalogue, too.
The next single from the album OUTSIDE is going to be "Binary Emotion" and a release date will be announced shortly.
In the meantime - Merry Easter to ya all and keep warm (if you're in northern Europe)

January 2013
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, hope 2013 will turn out exactly as you wish it to
We are sharing our song/sound for the Grammy awards, click here to check it out
The CD-shop CD-Baby has given us an ultimatum and they want to destroy our CDs.
Therefore, please buy one of the THUNDER DRAGON EP's!!!!
We have now REDUCED the price to $4 only....
This price means we will not get paid, but we think it's still better then the CDs being shreddered ;-)
We'd be grateful for your support, thank you.
or visit the RELEASES page for a link to BUY.

Nov / December 2012

Hope all is well wherever you are. Here in London it's getting cold and dark. Must be that winter is on the way and with it, it's party season and of course present-giving time.
If you don't know what to give to a music lover, buy them one of our CDs - or a special
"INSIDE-OUTSIDE" double pack (if you buy the physical CDs you'll get access to free downloads).
For stockists and online stores, please go the the releases page (or find us on CD Baby).
So - enjoy the time of year and have a blast.

October 2012

OK - so the summer that never was is now certainly over, hours of daylight and temperatures speak for it
We are planning the release of the second single from the OUTSIDE album, more on this shortly

September 2012

Back in London/UK after a great time in LA and California. However it's very hard to get used to the immense COLD and the rain again
More Soundcloud news: We've uploaded some of the CURFEW remixes from over the years, check it out!

Met the guys from Radical FM in LA, a new online Radio (scheduled for October 2012) it promises to be GOOD
Think it's time to start working on a pure electronic album
August 2012

Slightly early: We'll be spending most of August in California, looking for new inspiration, sun-tan and 'a good life'
Soundcloud page overhaul completed, there are a few songs from each of our albums and EPs for you to listen to - and some free downloads, please click the link at the bottom of the page.
July 2012

The calendar says July, but here in London it isn't! Calendar lies.
Anyway we're off to LA at the end of the month, catch us there.
Our Soundcloud page is getting an overhaul these days, there are some free downloads and of course GR8 music to listen to, please visit the site and N-joy
June 2012

Thanks to everyone who came to our Album launch party and DJ Owen Howells
OUTSIDE on iTunes click here - happy downloading
May 2012

HEY GIRL single out now - click here to download
NEW ALBUM >OUTSIDE< release 18 May 2012
April 2012

Working hard on the release of the new single (Hey Girl)
..and the new album OUTSIDE
...and the new website (here soon)
...and the videos for the new songs
Single = early May
Album = 18 May 2012
March 2012

We've finally got the release for the new album OUTSIDE underway with a release date to be set for May
Here is our remix for the song "Butterfly Effect" by Lamb enjoy and we hope you'll like it
The "Playing God" remix for Isgaard will be out Friday 16 March - listen to it here
Both the above remixes feature Barbara Bartz on Violin!
February 2012

Have been working on a couple of remixes. One for the new ISGAARD single (Playing God) and the other one can't be revealed yet. But it's a good one, too. Both remixes feature Barbara Bartz on Violin.
Otherwise we're hoping that the winter will leave us soon . . .

December 2011
Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a very happy 2012. Loads to come from CURFEW in the new year!
November 2011
Having more remixes done for the new single HEY GIRL, which will be released prior to the OUTSIDE album.
Album release set to be late February/early March 2012.
I/O desgin are currently working on the album and single artwork.
We're currently looking for a label to release the new album.
September 2011
New album complete, songs are being sent off for mastering and demos are being sent to record companies.
Amanda Fraser has kindly donated one of her brilliant pieces of artwork for the new CD cover, check her work HERE - we feel that her journey in art equals our journey in music.
August 2011
Well August was great in some ways. We've been at a different Festival each weekend during August. Must say the last one 25.-29. 08. was very cold at nights...
That's probably the reason why we didn't get much music done. Recovering now.
July 2011
The new EP "BEYOND THE BLUE" is now out on Vertikal Records, available exclusively on BEATPORT.
Have just seen an almost finished video for the song PLAIN-SAILING from the new album and although we all frooze our butts off - the video came out very nice, thanks to director Robert B. !!
Successfully survived Sunrise Celebration and Glastonbury festivals. Two more to come in August.
New Album >Outside< finally taking shape. We have two guest singers on two songs: Joe Osei from Ghana and Joseph Plummer from Jamaica. Sönke sings one song, too but the rest is of course reserved for Sue :-).
We had a video shoot for one of the new songs and as usual it was the coldest day of the summer.