S.P.eed 2017

New EP from techno producer S.P.eed. Release date: 06.10.2017

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Press release

Four products of S.P.eed’s beat science. Developed in secret in a studio crammed with vintage analogue, these electrically and sonically charged tracks are precisely calibrated for the mind and the dancefloor.
Embrace the new deep acid sound of 2017.


One (Ampere) is the standard unit of an electrical charge. This dose of 2,017,000 Amperes delivers a subtle but irresistible charge. Deep, warm bass and a powerful momentum take us constantly forward in time and space.

2017 subtle units of Volume (vU’s) are available to all who want to embrace the volume to the maximum. This is the soundtrack to an intense voyage into sound and all its possibilities, deep, moody and atmospheric.

An Acid lift-off powered by 2017 decibels, each of them engineered to be completely infectious. A pumping sonic space filled with dynamic textures and emotional details; don’t fight the groove.

2017 units of Low Voltage produce a powerful conclusion to the set. Here Low Voltage means high intensity. Nothing is lost
but a new mood sweeps in, both nostalgic and forward-looking. New horizons, new energy, new rhythms, it’s only ‘low voltage’ compared to what’s gone before.  It’s not over yet. “Nothing to worry about.”



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