have been described as "audio architecture - electronically designed", though they don't slot that easily into the electronica genre, featuring as they do multiple 'real' instruments like cello, sax, guitar and piano merged with vocals and lyrics of a nonconformist bent.

Formed in 2000 by BAFTA award-winning whiz Sonke Prigge, who has worked on everything from indie movies to Blue Peter (!) , they are a loose collective whose inflections have echoes of everything from The Doors to jazz and funk.

Sönke and a shifting cast of sonic renegades have so far issued a quartet of albums: Curfew, Inside, Outside and #curfew2020 and a smattering of singles and EPs (click here for full list).

Although originally set out to be a studio project the Band have also played gigs in and around London and festivals accross Europe and the US.

Recent collaborators:
>Milena Lainovic - Vocals, Lyrics & Music
>TRPL A - Rap & Lyrics
>Emre Dasikan - Saz
>Roger Francomb: Guitar & Saxophone
>Sue Ballingall: Vocals & Lyrics
>Fiona Stewart: Lyrics & Vocals on the debut album
>Maria O'Connell: Vocals on the Inside album
Plus many more!!
For a detailed list of each person playing or singing on a CURFEW song, please click on MUSIC (Albums, CDs and EPs) above.


"CURFEW create a unique and magical blend of both sythesised and acoustic soundscapes, with thought-provoking and poetic lyrics, beautiful soaring melodies and infectious rhythms. "
Sound On Sound

"...'trip-hop', albeit with more live instrumentation than is often the case in this genre, live guitar, saxophone, cello, grand piano and trumpet embellishing many tracks. The album is impressively produced, with some inventive beats and sonic detailing...."
Musician magazine