4 - Track EP - track description

Omicron: A classic chill house track that works on the dancefloor, as well as in the chill lounge.
In classical Greek, omicron represented the sound and in this track the various synthesizer sounds will keep the ear glued to the speaker.

Together We Can: A musical cross between The Gotan Project, Massive Attack, and The Prodigy. This song will find it’s way into every chill-out lounge or after party.
The theme is based on a one-sided love affair; a female vocalist beautifully sings, “If you’re too afraid to show your feelings/Too afraid to speak your mind/Don’t expect love.

Breathe: A relaxing track that encourages the listener to slow down a little and take a look around. The phrase “we never see what we really need…” is never more current than in todays world where our lives are driven or even dictated by staring at hand-held mobile devices. Perhaps listening to this song will help the listener to just relax and ‘breathe’ !

Counter Culture: If this song was a film it would be the ultimate road-movie. Inspired by the hippy-trail in the late 1960’s/70’s this song conveys a feeling of freedom. The music starts slowly and climaxes in sound and beat that will make you put your foot on the accelerator – just keep driving along (ideally in a split-screen VW-van).


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