You believe that nothing can be done
And nothing's what you'll get
The ever present danger:
Nihilism is the threat

Will our children see the day
When blackened skies turn red?
Mountains levelled, world dishevelled
As man just shakes his head.

The eight-faced beast devours the feast
As progress marches on
Turn back the tide, no time to hide
Before the power's gone

As we languish, nothing's vanquished
Time to make a stand
Hours and seconds, sins are reckoned
Now the timers out of sand

When the people are empowered
By enlightened thought
Then golden rain not acid showers
End the planets drought

If we're positively subliminal
Don't act then we'll regret
When man stands as the criminal
Nihilism is the threat



(An extreme form of skepticism that denies all existence…
total rejection of all religious and moral beliefs…
belief that nothing really exists…)




© CURFEW/K*/2005