Thru the lens
There’s no pretence
I let the light in
Show you what is real....

You cannot hide
from my eye
I cannot lie
about what is real

Throw light in the darkest place
find love on the hardest face
there is no escape
I capture reality

Humanity please realise
you are trying to survive
in a world that is insane
by the darkest of design

Exposing your love and hate
your beauty and your disgrace
there will be no escape
from my reality

Trust in your powers of logical thinking
if it doesn’t make sense
you cannot make sense of insanity

He wanted it all for himself
but its almost over now
It was just his vanity

Take a little look with an open mind
or you cannot find the love

Keep searching, don’t give up on truth
keep searching
let it find you
keep searching
don’t give up on you
keep searching




Vocals & Words: Sue Ballingall
Music & instruments: Sönke Prigge

©Curfew / S. Ballingall