CURFEW meets ISGAARD   ( CmI )


Project history:

In 2008 Isgaard released her album "Wooden Houses" and Curfew the album "Inside". The producers of these albums Jens Lück and Sönke Prigge met in summer 2010 at the Art-Of-Music Studio in Hamburg, Germany, where they first listened to both albums and liked what they heard. A simple decision on a collaboration with Isgaard as the main vocalist was instantly made. The idea was to create a new album, which mixes both their styles and sounds. The result of this collaboration is the album THE TRIP.

Jens and Sönke have previously worked together on the musical projects Odyssee and Moaliza in the early 1990s before Sönke permanently moved to London, UK in 1995. Back then their music was pretty much set in Rock. Both producers have drifted away quite a bit from the rock-roots, but sometimes you'll be able to hear those "old" influences on THE TRIP.

Since moving to the UK Sönke's music is pretty much settled in electronic styles (in various different genres) - probably due to the fact that he has played keyboards in many bands and has quite a collection of synthesizers, samplers & keyboards in his studio. His influences are Kraftwerk, Leftfield, Massive Attack, Tangerine Dream and yes: Genesis.

Jens has a great passion for classical music and experimental pop music. He is drawn to majestic string arrangements mixed with elements of world music. Being a concert pianist and a drummer in Rock/Pop bands, he has found his very unique style. His influences are Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd and Anton Bruckner amongst others.

After Isgaard’s collaboration on the album “Weltreise” (2000) with “Schiller” in Germany she has released three solo albums on her own and has worked on numerous soundtracks and film scores. In 2010 she worked with electro duo “Rainbow Serpent” on the album ‘Stranger’, which has received the same international acclaim as her album ‘Wooden Houses’.
On The Trip Isgaard is combining an extensive range of sounds and her influences Kate Bush and Tori Amos as well as Maria Callas and Loreena Mc Kennitt are apparent in her stunning vocalisation.

You are invited to take a Trip with Jens, Sönke and Isgaard. The album promises to take you away from your daily routine, it will take you through emotional highs and lows, it will make you stand up and move then sit down and listen. Afterwards, you might want to experience it all over again, just like being on a Trip where you discover new sights and experiences wherever you turn.
So sit back and listen! Enjoy the ride!

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Single&Video: „Snowflakes in June“



01 The Trip / 02 Snowflakes in June /
03 Miss Fate / 04 Waves / 05 2011 /
05a And Now The Ice Is Melting Under My Feet / 06 Turn Around / 07 Wo Bist Du /
08 At Night / 09 Time / 10 Precious World / 11 Words

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